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For several years, the impact of cleaning products on the environment and on users both in the general public and in the professional world has become a major issue.
It is therefore necessary to maintain all its vigilance with regard to these ecological self-proclamations that are not based on any label.
Ecolabel label and, more generally, the evolution of professional cleaning products towards a more "green" design both in terms of their composition and their packaging and transport.
Brands like Diversey with professional lines like Taski Jontec, Suma, Sani, Sprint but also iconic brands like Skip Omo, Cif, Vigor, Teepol, Cajoline.By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies that will improve your user experience and statistics of visits.Failure to comply with this constraint may lead to a serious liability of the employer in the event of an accident.Cleaning equipment - Scaffolding ladder, garage Garden shed - Party tent.Spado and Gloss are brands focused on DIY hardware maintenance by offering a wide range of solutions for promo forfait internet orange maintenance.This first evolution towards an eco-responsibility has given rise to drifts with names more or less validated as "product bio" "green product".New constraints on the use of a professional cleaning product.Security constraints, since January 1, 2017, regulatory constraints related to the use of professional cleaning products have been reinforced.The only labels validated are the European Ecolabel, the Nordic Swann label.The choice of a cleaning product must be done within the framework of a methodology and ensuring maximum efficiency while guaranteeing maximum safety for the users and the users of the establishment.Voussert has been offering the best brands in the field of professional cleaning products for more than 35 years.Cleaning products - Pest Insect, detached pieces, product in stock for the quantity indicated in the article.The use of a hazardous product such as a professional oven cleaner involves providing the operator with personal protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, goggles and all information relating to the use of this product.The effectiveness of the cleaning product alone is no longer the alpha and omega of the manufacturers' specifications.Wyritol, Jex, Boldair and Durasol Cleaner are brands oriented with a professional use by proposing systems such.Professional cleaning products since 1981, for more than 35 years, we have been offering a wide range of professional cleaning products selected from the leading brands.The Diversey Group's expertise in the world of professional hygiene refers to product quality, safety and compliance with both environmental and usage standards.As a result, the use of products without risk signs (products without CLP) has also developed.Ok, premises equipment - Waste collection, wiping Topping - Disposable dishes.Voussert also relies on a partnership with the Proven Group through Boldair brands, Wyritol, Durasol Cleaner, Fury, Jex Professional, Soludoz, Spado, Gloss, Calgonit.