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OUR environmental actions Wherever possible our supply chain need to adopt our stance on reducing waste.
Renewable Source: Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and will continue to produce electricity for as long as the sun exists.
Customers are able to request a toner recycling box Customers request a toner collection when the container is full Toner box collected on next delivery Toners are then shipped to a recycler Supply waste transfer notes (if applicable) The commitments taken by our recycling partners.OUR environmental actions OUR environmental actions Energy Saving Lyrecos commitment in energy efficiency has achieved 25 savings in electricity usage in the last 2 years and 19 in gas usage last year in our National Distribution Centre and Head Office.In January 2010 if our entire fleet of sales peoples vehicles had driven one hundred kilometres they would have produced.46 tonnes of CO2.The simple system measures speeding, idling time, harsh manoeuvring or event such as harsh braking, harsh cornering, and overall MPG and provides the driver a score of 1-10, with 10 being the best possible score.High Efficiency boilers in Head Office (2012) In January 2012, the old boilers in the Head Office building cadeau anniversaire insolite 30 ans were removed and replaced with 98 efficient boilers with an expected CO2 emission reduction in the region.An area of our warehouse is dedicated to voluminous and 'prepack' items.Those products are identified with a "green tree" on: Paper catalogue: Each reference is identified with a Green Tree pictogramme.The system also comes complete with sat nav with live traffic so drivers can route their fastest and shortest routes.After the success in reception, LED lighting with occupancy sensors was introduced to the restaurant area in November 2014.The «Lyreco Green Products Assessment» has been reviewed by SGS CTS Sustainability Services and was found to be in general conformance with the principles of the ISO14020 standard and the ICC Framework for Environmental Claims.Definition of the Scope: All Lyreco subsidiaries are included in the calculation of the Carbon Footprint.The next step code promo melijoe valide is to evaluate the routes driven and driver behaviour in an effort to improve fuel efficiency across fleet.They have to follow and to apply these rules during their daily operations and contacts with third parties.In the UK, Lyreco's packaging technology will provide benefits in reducing the boxes down to a manageable size before fitting the lid.OUR environmental actions We are not a hugely complex business when it comes to environmental impacts but one of the volume impacts is carbon emissions from the fuel and energy that we use.

With the successful launch of two zero emission vehicles for deliveries in the London area, we are looking for ways to repeat the experience in the main European cities.
The installation is fully operational since the beginning of 2016 and is one of the largest in the.
This waste is generally transit packaging from our suppliers and paper used internally within our picking operation.