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Commande minecraft cadeau

Increased cripple duration per pulse from 1s-.
Locust Swarm: Increased the radius to 210.
Cooldown increased to 30s.
Flamewall: Reduced cast time from.1 seconds.6 seconds.Death Shroud: No longer removes the Spectral Armor buff.Jellyfish Blue: Chilling Whirl: Decreased damage.This trait has been merged into a idées cadeau fete des peres a fabriquer new Master tier trait Cleansing Ire.This effect has a 5 second internal cooldown.Jump Shot: Decreased the after-cast on this skill so that other skills can chain off of it more easily.Launch Personal Battering Ram: Recharge reduced to 15s.Destruction of the Empowered: This trait has been moved to the Master tier.Long Reach: This trait now increases the range of Steal to 1500, up from 1200.Winters Bite: Reduced weakness duration to 3 seconds.Ranger Protect Me: This ability now breaks stuns.Soul Reaping Speed of Shadows: This trait now increases movement speed by 25 while in death shroud.Coated Bullets: This trait has been moved to the Master tier.Increased the size of the effect to more accuratly show the area healed.Bountiful Interruption: This trait has been moved to the Master tier.Virtue of Justice: Updated the skill fact to correctly display the actual burning réductions étudiants apple duration when the skill is activated.Elementalist, arcane Wave: This skill now hits 5 targets instead.Tools Always prepared: This trait now only drops bandages when the engineer is downed (10 second cooldown).Shadow Return (infiltrator strike toggle This skill is no longer a stun breaker.Sleight of Hand: In addition to dazing your target, this trait now reduces the recharge of Steal by an additional.