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Concours de in english

concours de in english

Such challenges can be met only with the assistance of the international community.
Makerere University with the support of the Carnegie Corporation.
Different avenues should be tested with the help of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and associations chaussure paul smith promo of parliamentarians.Combination of circumstances » View all results * 'avec le concours de' also found in translations in English-French dictionary courtesy of XX exp.48 Université de Makerere, avec le concours de la «Carnegie Corporation».Accordingly, statelessness must be reduced and prevented with the assistance of the international community.With the cooperation of, additional comments: Collaborative Dictionary tirage au sort cadeau logiciel French-English concours.Ils/elles Translation Matrix for concourir: Synonyms for "concourir Wiktionary Translations for concourir : code promo autoescape concourir concourir verb To rival; to struggle for superiority; to compete Cross Translation: Related Translations for concours.(épreuve) competition un concours de chant a singing competition concours.You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) vb concourir nm (épreuve) competition un concours de chant a singing competition (Éducation) competitive examination recrutement par voie de concours recruitment by competitive examination hors (assistance) help, assistance.Concours de circonstances exp.Trends of 'concours very Common.(assistance) help ; assistance apporter son concours à to give one's support to concours.Publisher, terms and Conditions, privacy, current searches: transfert de technologie, greatful, commande ouverte, product registration, groseille, convicted, à cela s'ajoute, cornstarch, main d'œuvre, business director, urne, clips, supplément, on request, maison de couture, most frequent English dictionary requests: 1-200, -1k, -2k, -3k, -4k, -5k, -7k.American English: competition, arabic: Brazilian Portuguese: competição.Concours: concourir: Wiktionary: concours competition, contest concours competition, championship, contest concourir compete, contend, rival, vie concourir compete, vie, french concours: Translation Matrix for concours: Synonyms for "concours Wiktionary Translations for concours : concours concours noun competition contest for a prize or award.See how avec le concours de is translated from French to English with more examples in context Advertising.This protocol is currently being drawn up with the help of representatives of several departments and institutions.
Le programme doit être mis en œuvre avec le concours de l'unicef.

There's been a lot of competition for the title.
Beauty contest concours de recrutement.