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How to get vouchers in hay day

They remain there for 16 hours, giving you the opportunity to fill orders.
You can also steal someone elses newspaper and use it for your own gain.
Get your creative juices flowing; no two Hay Day farms will ever be alike.I can't remember when I've had a better weekend.Perfectly positioned on the edge of Grasmere village The food is something you should be warned about dinner was absolutely gorgeous and five courses long.Using the in-game newspaper, you can post ads where you can offer to sell your goods for a price point of your own choosing.Collect valuable goods from your livestock, like milk, eggs and wool.This is (we imagine) far more than most players will have at this stage, in which case you may want to plan ahead and save up for this.You can sell your items at the roadside shop as much as you want as long as you have slots available.Turn your wheat into bread, gardien de la paix concours maroc make butter and cheese from your milk, convert sugarcane into white and brown sugar, and.Fulfill orders to the farm that come in regularly.Buy extra supplies from other players if you really need them.You will have to fill three crates of three or four items, varying by level.Each crate gives you a set amount of XP, depending on the items you have put inside, as well.To its credit, it also manages to add some more social elements that make a lot more sense for what running the business side of a farm is all about.To do this neat trick, tap and hold the check cadeau de dieu en grec mark when you received an order from a boat into the dock, let go of the check mark, then click the x button at the top of the page as fast as possible.Provide them with a regular supply of food and water to keep them healthy and happy.The same can be said for land materials, buildings, dairy products, pie, cakes, and sugars, so its best to sell them at their max price.Chickens dance happily together in a row, while pigs sit down in the mud as if theyre just chilling.Conclusion: It Freshens Up the Farm a Little Hay Day may not be the most original game around, but its safe to say that it could be described as one of the best.
It will show you that youve received 2x amount of coins and/or experience, but you wont actually get.

TIP: Send your orders off just before you expect to log out.