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Public service concours in cameroon

public service concours in cameroon

The Doctorate Cycle has duration of three to five or six to ten semesters.
78/484 of November 9th 1978, the"d offences in Article 9 above will attract the reduction imprimer auchan following disciplinary sanctions classified in accordance with the gravity of the offence: A written warning A blame which is registered in the accused file A reprimand which prevents the concerned.
Diplomas, attestations or any other act, which confers a title or a grade, are guided by the same laws governing Certificates.
Disciplinary sanctions applied against any lecturer are independent of sanctions prescribed by the penal code or from any other sanctions emanating from an audit judgment.Article 66: There is hereby created within the jurisdiction of State University Institutions, a disciplinary Council.Each establishment could have one, two or three cycles.In the case where a disciplinary measure is going on side by side with a repressive one, the disciplinary measure shall follow its course.The exam jury shall after deliberation produce a report of the jury/Minutes and shall be signed by all the members who shall also proclaim the results of ach UV and Module for that session.Iric ) is international by the nature of its objectives and studies/courses offered, its teaching staff, its acceptance of students and internship persons from other countries both African and out of Africa.Un bon tournoi pour la nation hôte, qui a mis fin à la domination allemande et néerlandaise.With regards to the discipline of teachers, the outstanding dispositions move from Articles 48.Article 21: The giving of titles to Certificates may vary from one institution to another, from one cycle to another according to laid lidl promo huile down texts and according University usage.The modalities of students having access to the corrected scripts is to be laid down by each establishment.Article 56: The warrant for the accused to report in front of the Council is addressed by the competent authority with the power to discipline.
However, the minimum duration of training at each level is 480 hours.
The number of Modules at each level is fixed at least three (3) and at most five (5).

Article 19 : In order to move from one level of study to the superior one, the students must have acquired the precedent Certificates amongst other conditions laid down by the establishment.
The suspension must be confirmed within a six months period, this to enable further inquiries in line with laid down disciplinary measures in this Decree failure to which the entire disciplinary measures will be considered null and void and the accused will be rehabilitated.